World Congress of Malacology 2022

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Field Trip 2: pre-alpine region SW of Munich

ira1Field Trip 2:

Pre-alpine region SW of Munich
(rivers, floodplains, swamps, forest)

Bus excursion around the Starnberger See including the valley of the Würm river, the Isar river floodplain, small lakes and swamps and woods around castle Seefeld.

This field trip will give insights into the local malacofauna and offer the opportunity to collect specimens (in compliance with regional nature conservation laws). Identification help will be provided by the trip leader (and surely other qualified participants).


ira2The trip will be organized by Dr. Ira Richling (Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History) and on behalf of the German Malacological Society.
Please be aware that this trip entails (light) hiking.

You should bring appropriate shoes and weatherproof clothing. For water enthusiasts (and if the weather allows), bring bathing clothes and enjoy swimming in the Isar river!
For lunch we will visit a typical Bavarian restaurant (not in the price included).

  ira3The full day trip
• starts at 8:30a.m.
• at Munich Underground Station
U6 Klinikum Großhadern
and you will arrive back in Munich in the late afternoon (latest 18:00).
Price € 35 per person
Including a bus ride and expert guided tour.

Preliminary schedule:

  • Bus trip from Munich to  Würm River

Short walking / collecting stop: Würm River, river bed and floodplain, adjacent forestira4

  • Next Stop at Isar floodplain near Abby Schäftlarn

Long walking / collecting stop including lunch break (Bavarian restaurant) – optional: swimming in the Isar River

  • Bus trip around the southern end of the Starnberger See to S of Frieding

Walking / Collecting stop: small lake and swampy area, forest

  • Last stop at castle Seefeld

Walking / Collecting stop: mainly humid forest along small creek, optional sightseeing (castle) and restaurant

Return to Munich, anticipated arrival latest around 18:00, but depending on traffic conditions.