World Congress of Malacology 2022

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General information about the symposia

For a symposium we need at least 10 talks including the keynote lecture

The time for a talk is 15 minutes (a 12-minutes presentation and 3-minutes questions)

Depending on the number of participants we will fix the duration of a symposium (2 days max) and the maximum number of possible talks per Symposium

Actually four symposia are scheduled in parallel.



  1. The EvoDevo Corner

  2. A symposium in honor of Philippe Bouchet

  3. Continental Molluscs facing environmental changes

  4. Systematics and evolution of (not only marine) Heterobranchia

  5. Insular Ecosystems

  6. Parasites & Victims

  7. The ecology of fossil and extant molluscs

  8. Mollusc evolutionary history

  9. American Malacological Society President’s Symposium: Molluscan Conservation

  10. Volunteers in Malacology