World Congress of Malacology 2022

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General information about the symposia

The time for a talk is 20 minutes (a 15-minutes presentation and 5-minutes questions)

Depending on the number of participants we will fix the duration of a symposium (2 days max) and the maximum number of possible talks per Symposium

Actually four symposia are scheduled in parallel.



  1. The EvoDevo Corner

  2. Exploration, biodiversity and systematics of molluscs -
    A symposium in honor of Philippe Bouchet

  3. Continental Molluscs facing environmental changes

  4. Systematics and evolution of (not only marine) Heterobranchia

  5. Insular Ecosystems

  6. Parasites & Victims

  7. The ecology of fossil and extant molluscs

  8. Mollusc evolutionary history

  9. American Malacological Society President’s Symposium: Molluscan Conservation

  10. Volunteers in Malacology

  11. If your talk does not match to a symposium, it will be part of the "free lectures"