World Congress of Malacology 2022

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Plenary Speaker WCM 2022

Speaker 1: Monika Böhm

   Global Center for Species Survival at the Indianapolis Zoo, IN, USA

Meeting of generations: how our past efforts in mollusc conservation can steer the young malacologists of the future

Speaker 2: Jan Ove R. Ebbestad

   Uppsala Universitet, Museum of Evolution – Sweden

Evolutionary crossroads - molluscan evolution during the early Paleozoic

Speaker 3: Tauana Junqueira Cunha

   Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Panama

The contributions of genomics for understanding the phylogeny, ecology and evolution of molluscs

Speaker 4: Andreas Wanninger

   Department of Evolutionary Biology, 1030 Vienna – Austria

Here’s to the Next Generation Scientists: How to navigate the rocky road towards a scientific career – experiences made and lessons learned from a legend in malacology

Speaker 5: Heike Wägele

   Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig; Bonn – Germany

Systematics and evolution of (not only marine) Heterobranchia

Speaker 6: Elizabeth Harper

   University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences – UK United Kingdom

(Palaeo)ecological aspects to the evolution of shell microstructure and mineralogy

Speaker 7: Imogen Cavadino

   Royal Horticultural Society RHS Garden, Woking, UK United Kingdom

Citizen science: a slug success story

Speaker 8: Tim Wollesen

   Department of Evolutionary Biology, 1030 Vienna - Austria

From single cells to complex organs – evolutionary developmental insights from hitherto neglected mollusks