World Congress of Malacology 2022

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The EvoDevo Corner

Idiosepius notoides_m

Chair/ organizer: Tim Wollesen (University of Vienna, Austria)
Confirmed keynote speaker: Caroline Albertin (MBL)

Mollusks are one of the most speciose metazoan clades exhibiting a stunning diversity of extant and fossil adult body plans. In addition, various modes of direct and indirect development are known with a plethora of fascinating larval types.
In this evolutionary developmental symposium current contributions on molluscan developmental stages and adults will be discussed and approaches comparing their body plans to those of other spiralians or bilaterians are appreciated. Classical EvoDevo topics such as genotype-phenotype relation or life cycle evolution are welcome. Besides morphological and molecular studies, this symposium will also cover paleontological, proteomic, or ethological studies.polyplacophoran larva_m

Photos show:

1. Idiosepius notoides,

2. + 3. the polyplacophoran Acanthochitona fascicularis (adult and gene expression pattern),

4. the scaphopod trochophore expressing elav

Copyright by Tim Wollesen

polyplacophoran mollusk_m








Scaphopod Elav expression_m